Sunday, August 15, 2010

Share time

I am not one that can always come up with something to share but I was reading something and wanted to share this with you as it can be such a pull in our lives at times.

Indwelling sin doesn't observe a sabbath. Just when Paul was ready to do something holy and loving, sin was at his elbow (Romans 7:21). Sin isn't just a permanent houseguest; it's a meddlesome wretch. It's always poking its nose in, looking over your shoulder, whispering in your ear.
Do you want to pray? Listen to a sermon? Meditate on the Word? Give a generous gift to the Kingdom? Encourage a brother? Resist temptation? This hateful, wicked pest is in your face with a thousand distractions and surprises making sure you can't perfectly accomplish the good you intend (verse 18; Gal. 5:17). It exasperates us.

Sin does its dirty work with the greatest of ease. Since it works from within, it "easily entangles" us (Hebrews 12:1). It needs no help from the outside (though the world and the Devil are always ready to lend a hand). There is no spiritual duty, nothing godly you can set yourself to, in which you won't feel the wind of sin's resistance in your face. Does God command you to believe he is good and wise when you lose a friend? Indwelling sin sidles up with seeds of doubt and mistrust. Does God command you to help a neighbor in need? There is sin with apathy and stinginess in hand. Does God want you to long for the coming of Christ? Here is sin dangling before your eyes the trinkets of the world.

The more you discover the power of indwelling sin, the less you will suffer its effects.

I think this reminds me so much of the struggle of the doubt I have and maybe others may have. That voice that is constantly nagging telling me different things about myself. About others. They don't like you. They don't care. She doesn't care and they don't want to do anything with you. Not good enough. It just wants to keep you in that spot so that you can't stretch. See what the Truth is. The hateful wicked pest is in your face and doesn't want to let you breathe. Be who you are and shine for the One who loves you through and through.  Today, I see how this has entrapped me this past week. I discover the power of it and its effects that I can suffer. Today, I breathe a new breath in seeing Truth.

Remember He promises His presence to you at all times and He gives us His holy spirit to guide us. So easy to forget but such assurance knowing this.

Now let Your unfailing love comfort me, just as you promised me. Surround me with your tender mercies so I may live, for you law is my delight.

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Bina said...

"Today, I breathe a new breath in seeing Truth."

Ah, and what a clear breath it is when immersed in the Truth that creates it!!

I know where you've been, by personal experience, and I know also the fragrance of clean air.

Praying for you as you continue to take it all in, my friend!