Monday, November 29, 2010


Come back to Him...

          Let Him open your heart again...

Come and talk to me, Oh my dear child,

          Oh, how I love you.

How could I Lord, look at how I willingly stayed away?

           You are my child, I love you

Why do you do this for me, Lord?

            You are my child, I love you

I know all about your struggles and I still want you.

             Come and be with me.

Returning into His footsteps


Bina said...

"you are my child, I love you"

so simple and yet the hardest truth to grasp. beautiful, my friend...just like you.

alicia said...

I love this my dear friend! It is so very hard to grasp how He could even care about little old "me" yet we are His and that is the only reason He needs.
Thanks for sharing this!