Thursday, November 5, 2009

Answers to prayer

So, I have a new friend at work. It's so nice to have someone to talk to and to joke around with now. We get along really well and our humor is so much the same. I am starting to get along with my boss that I have been having problems with at work. This week has been really good.

I have been praying for these things and I know that others have been praying for me as well. For God to bring me a new friend at work that I can be myself with. Being in a lawyer's office with a bunch of people who can be rather "stuffy" gets frustrating at times. Can't joke around, can't be too loud, and don't think too loud either. It is very hard to be "me" in a lawyer's office. Especially, MY crazy personality. As people have gotten to know me and my crazy ways, they just shake their head and laugh. So, it was nice when this girl and I started talking with each other. We could reeeelaaax with each other and she told me the same thing. Someone besides GEORGE understands me! LOL!

Sunday night I was praying that God would really change my heart so that my boss and I would get along better. I knew that I wasn't really giving my full heart to change. How could I expect it to change if I wasn't giving my full heart to Him to change the situation. So, I gave it all fully and completely over to Him. I went into work Monday morning and it was different. My boss started talking to me again. There was a lightness once again that hadn't been there for over a month and I knew at that moment that God heard my prayer the  night before. What an amazing God that he heard my hurts that I am having a hard time with. He knew it hurt but He wanted my full heart so that I could see His hand in it. In the midst of it all, He brings me a friend at work. One that is struggling just like I am with being herself with others around her.

Then I get to thinking that I might mess it up. Something has got to be wrong with this picture, right? I mean, it's all a good thing so something must be wrong. Why do we think that way? I just want to take it for what it is and I thank God for the blessings He gave me. Keeping my head up knowing He thought of me and I can breathe a little again. His child is laughing at work again.

Blessed in His footsteps,

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Bina @ Bina's Pad said...

I am glad...that He provided you someone to giggle with, that He opened up the room to breathe while at work...that He reached down to give you the desires of your heart as you purpose to be all that He calls you to. You are beautiful my friend!!

Much love,