Thursday, October 15, 2009


How precious are the friendships that God gives us along our way in life.

To encourage each other, to laugh with each other, cry on each other's shoulders and tell each other stupid "stuff" that is so important to us.

At times, when you think you are all alone, but then God sends you a smile with a simple phone call or an email from a friend letting you know that she was just thinking of you. There's those silly names (or maybe I am the only one getting called names. haha!) that you call each other and only the two of you know what they mean and where they came from. Sometimes even to sing a silly song just to get you to smile.

Laughing over the times gone by because they were so embarrassing at the moment. You ever made a fool out of YOURself trying to kill a bug in the middle of the night on a weekend getaway with a friend? Ok....good, me neither (ahem!). Hope you never do. LOL!

I have wondered at times what in the heck God was doing by putting certain people in my life and I still wonder about some but others I now know God uses them to build us for Him and each other. It brings joy to my heart knowing He thinks of me that much that He puts these friends in my life. Knowing that I can be an encouragement to someone else and she is to me as well. Reminding each other how beautiful and valuable we are to God and how He never stops loving us even when we took a little detour in the road of life.

I realize today how grateful I am to God for the friends I have and how blessed I am. I am a better person for the friendships He has given me and a better servant looking to Him through them with Him.

God never, ever intended for us to be alone. May you be blessed in the friendships you have today and the ones that will come.

In His big footsteps

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Bina said...

A beautiful reminder... May you never again have to karate chop a bug in the middle of the night, may you never again be caught on video talking to your "bed-a-buddy" and may you always know just how very much I love you :0)
Much love...KEVIN!!!