Thursday, October 1, 2009


I have fallen and I think I can't get up. Funny how a few words said to me can take me down into a hole and leave me sitting there motionless. I sit dazed thinking the enemy just took me down in one swoop and he still lurks by. He breathes his words in front of me and in back of me so that I can't see the truth. He can even take the truth and use it against me. The truth of knowing that I was standing firm in God's ways and I allowed Satan to get to me so quickly. How does a child of God do that?

"Just settle yourself down" can be so harmless but yet get me down to feeling worthless and defeated. Realizing now that Satan is in every aspect of every thing we do so he may catch us off guard for that one moment to take me down into the hole of despair and my eyes off of God. Satan even uses the people in our lives who mean no harm. May even be someone who "believes" in God so they can distort our thoughts of the Truth. Standing on the rock of His foundation but the mindless words Satan uses are as mighty as the Santa Ana winds causing me to stumble off. The belief of who I am in God and how He sees me and loves me with all my imperfections.

Acts 20:30
Even from your own number, men will arise and distort the truth in order to draw away disciples after them.

Then after some time I feel a nudge "Shhh! Get back up! I never said it was going to be easy." He calls me back in letting me know I am still ok. Even in the times of being strong, there are going to be setbacks. The enemy comes like a thief and takes us when we are least expecting it but he cannot get the child that is eternally in God's hands. How blessed we are!

In His footsteps


Bina said...

This couldn't be more well timed for me! Thank you for allowing your heart to show as it just got used to help re-direct mine as I took off after the carrot satan was dangling.
You are His are beautiful and clean...and YOU didn't have to do anything more than look up. Imagine all that you will be when you move towards His truth, even as the lies pull at you to take you down.
I am so honored to call you friend!!

alicia said...

I have read, and re-read this over the past few days knowing I was being drawn to it. Now, the line "Satan even uses the people in our lives who mean no harm" totally hit me. In so many ways, more than you can know, I needed that. Thank you!