Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Get in, be quiet...

You ever been so exhausted you kind of start losing your mind? I keep losing things that seem to be right where they should be. After I spent time worrying about where I lost the items, they were right where I left them. The only thing I lost was the time and the sanity over trying to find it and feeling I lost it. Lost $10...nope, it was at home. Didn't have my glasses, thought I left them at work. Nope, in the car. AHHHHH!

There is this license plate frame here that says "Get in, be quiet, and hold on". Feel like that is what is going on right now. Like maybe God told me get in to this part of the highway, be quiet, and hold on. I have everything so QUIT worrying about everything outside of the car. But God..."Shhh". How do I keep my focus forward on what You have for me through this when I feel my feet slipping into the sand beneath me. I want to grab at what I think is Your rope pulling me up but ends up being the branch of frustration.

Revive my soul O Lord

making wise the simple.
The sword of your Word
grab my thoughts and not let go.
Let it give me strength in knowing
You are with me and I can trust in You.

One footstep at a time

1 comment:

Bina said...

Ok that picture made me laugh out loud!!

I am with you on the forgetfuls...and with you on the prayer to never be released from His hands, His word or my trust in Him!

You be beautiful! :o)