Thursday, October 29, 2009


I am back! I am back! I know, you missed me, didn't you? haha! I have been reading a new book by Donna Partow called "Becoming a Vessel God Can Use". I know, such big words for me but I am learning. Shhh!

I read this the other night and I had to read it again tonight. I think this is something I am going to try out in my prayers but check this out.

"God not only speaks to us thorugh his Word, he can also speak through us, through his Word. How? By turning Scripture into prayer. Every crisis known to humankind boils down to two simple questions: Is God in control? Does God love us? (this seems too simple to me.ha!) If God is in control and he loves us, then there are no crises (WHAT?), only circumstances sent by a loving God to bring us closer to Himself (just what I have been saying all along. uh huh!) By praying Scripture, we can communicate that in a loving way to the people around us. We can be a vessel through which God can speak very directly."

I know some people do this where they are able to take Scripture and turn it into a prayer. Easy for them but I haven't ever seemed to have the ability to do this. I doubt myself and think I am incapable of being able to turn a verse into a prayer to God or I think that the prayer is going to sound stupid. That may sound silly to you but that is what I think. So, I am going to try to put my fears aside and allow myself to do this. To hear God and see how He works through His God-breathed Word in me.

Lord, I pray that I may stand like the tree that is planted by streams of water,
which yields its fruit in season
and whose leaf does not wither. May all that I do be prospering for You.
Ps. 1:3

We are but God's vessels and are molded and shaped in HIS perfection, not ours. He smooths out the roughness and the edges for His delight and we will shine for Him.

How will it work out? How long will I last? Hang on and lets see how God works in the days ahead. Be warned...I could be praying for YOU!

In His footsteps


Bina @ Bina's Pad said...

You are so shows in how His truth flows thru your mind ( matter how long it has to stay...ahem...hee hee) and then out thru your huge heart.

I would always value and treasure your prayers, should you get 'round to me :) YOU have mine, even now.
Much love,

steph said...

Thanks! You already got my first, well, my second. First was in my blog. hehe!

Hard to see the truth about yourself. Know what I mean(ahem!)?

alicia said...

I do love that you posted this... I completly understand how you feel about it sounding akward when you use scripture as prayer but so powerful and eloquent when others do that! We can work on that together!
Thanks for your honesty!!