Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Laughter at work...haha!

You ever wander through life wondering what do I do and where do I go? Never sure exactly what that one thing is that makes us happy. That one thing that we have been chosen for to do. What is my job here? So often I have wondered this myself? What is my job? What is it that I do that I enjoy the most?

Somebody asked me how work was going tonight and that I would one day find that job that I would be happy at. I am not so sure I will ever BE at the job that I will be happy at. Sounds weird, I know. Shhh! Some people have a job they are happy with and others don't but it is not that God intends for them to be miserable there. Just that God may have a different purpose for me there. To grow through the things He wants me to grow through with Him plus reflect that to others who are there. Showing the kind spirit of God to others through me (well, most of the time. haha!). I am surely not perfect so that spirit is not always easy but God is working on me so that I can be that person that reflects it to others.

I enjoy seeing people laugh and smile. Giving them a hard time about almost anything, even if it is at my own expense (haha!). You don't get paid for that. That is within my soul. I realize tonight that this is what God has given me for others. Even if I am at work, I can walk away from that part that at my desk which holds me back from fully being myself. The voice behind you saying it is not right. I can go make someone laugh because I told them that when they were hired, they were to pay me .60 cents a day so I could get a diet coke. They laughed pretty hard and it made me smile just as well. I could go back knowing the laughter the both of us just got and it makes me smile.

1 Peter 1:17b-19

live your lives as strangers here in reverant fear. For you know that it as not with

perishable things such as

silver or gold that you were redeemed from the empty

way of life handed down to you from your forefathers, but with the precious blood of Christ, a lamb

without blemish or defect.

What did God give you within that makes you smile?

Growing in His footsteps


Bina @ Bina's Pad said...

Much like you, I love to hear laughter from people...and I often am fine being the butt of the joke that brings them release from the pressure of hurt and sorrow.

I also seem to be pretty good at giving others sound advise when the world seems to be falling apart...although not so good at taking it! :)

I am glad that you are here to make ME laugh today...that picture is just...well, words can't describe it! HA HA


alicia said...

I think that you two could just let me come and hang out with you in Sunny California and we could laugh plenty together! I definitely use humor to get through the days... I tell my customers that the abuse comes free of charge!

Excellent point about God using us in a job where we may not be that excited about being at. I think we are part of the I don't have to do it if I don't want to and you can't make me society and its a great reminder to look deeper at why God has us there, and really, make the best of it!
Blessings on your Wednesday!!

steph said...

Sure Alicia, you are more than welcome to come and be with us in our craziness. The more, the better.

I think I am going to use your line "the abuse comes free of charge". ha!

Remember, we CAN be used through our humore. Hope it's not raining too much for ya. :)