Monday, September 14, 2009


So, I read the book of Jonah this morning. Funny, the book practically starts off with Jonah running from the Lord because he doesn't want to hear what God wants him to do. Turns the other direction and goes off on a big ship bound for "far away from God". Like a little child thinking he is going to get away as he hides behind the lamp from his parent. No, I am not here. You don't seeeeee me. haha!

How often I do that myself whether I recognize it or not. What? Come on over here and spend time with You? Learn what you have to say to me so I can know how to handle the issues coming up at work? But Lord, why can't you just make HER change what she is doing? She's the one who's not doing what is right. Why do I have to do all the work? Ew! That sounded like whining. Just like what Jonah did. I don't want to do it because you are just going to do what you want in being kind and compassionate to them when they don't even deserve it. Oi'!

Makes me cringe knowing that I do those things but yet makes me smile knowing that He loves me and continues to be the compassionate, loving God that He is. Even when I do something a little different than what He wants.

In His footsteps

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Bina said...

You said "Ew" and "Oi'" - both words made me laugh out loud while my mind absorbed the truth in your words. Well written, my friend...tough truths, but exactly where He wants us!